What to Do When You Have Termites in Norwalk, CA

Termites can be an absolute nuisance. While they don’t pose a physical danger like some other pests, they can wreak havoc on your home— decimating your furniture, walls, roof, and more. This can become exorbitantly pricey, so it’s important you know exactly what to do if you notice a potential termite infestation in your home. Termites in Norwalk, CA and surrounding areas can be a bit tricky, so follow the tips we’ve listed below. 

Check the wood around the house. As we progress through Spring and enter the Summer season, termites get very active. You’ll want to check the wood around the house. If you notice any wood debris throughout the home, or you press on your wooden structures and the wood begins to crumble, you likely have a growing termite problem. 

Check the roof. If your roof has broken tiles, moisture can set in, which is the perfect environment for termites to set up their nest. If your roof is missing tiles, repair it as soon as possible to reduce the opportunity for termites to settle. 

Get rid of excess wood around the house. If you have wood around the house that’s not being used, it may be wise to discard it or store it someplace away from the house. Termites are attracted to wood, so you don’t want to give them any reason to nest in your home. 

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