What Is the Difference Between Pest Control and Exterminator?

Although you might hear the terms pest control professional and exterminator used synonymously, the two have significant differences. While both seek to eliminate pests from your home as their ultimate goal, the way that is achieved is very different. So, what is the difference between pest control and exterminator? Let’s take a closer look.

Pest Control Professionals

Like those found at 1st Stryke, Pest control professionals use a series of pest management methods. The biggest key to eliminating pests from your home long-term is through both prevention and continued management.

When you call one of our pest control professionals at 1st Stryke, our goal is to develop a meaningful relationship with you. To do this, we will discuss the following with you:

  • How the problem might have started
  • What actions to take to eliminate the problem
  • Provide advice on how to prevent the problem from recurring

All of our pest control professionals at 1st Stryke are highly educated, trained, and licensed to provide you with the safest and most effective ways to eliminate pests from your home. In doing so, we are always sure to promote environmental safety by utilizing safer materials in our services. As a result, our materials are effective against pests and less toxic to humans and pets than others on the market.


Unlike pest control professionals concerned with preventing pest controls from reoccurring, exterminators’ primary goal is to kill the pests in your home. While this may be beneficial immediately, you might have concerns with pests again in the future if the root of the problem has not been adequately addressed.

Additionally, exterminators typically rely on harmful pesticides to get rid of the pest problem in your home and might need to service a wider area in doing so. You will rarely find satisfaction guarantees in exterminators’ work because their services typically only provide temporary solutions. 

The 1st Stryke Solution

As you can see, there are stark differences between the services provided by pest control professionals and exterminators. Even though it might seem like a better solution to remove all pests in one shot, at 1st Stryke, we are more concerned with maintaining our pest control management and offer preventative maintenance and recurring service.

Likely, the pest problem in your home did not happen overnight, which means it will not be solved overnight, either. You want to find a pest control professional that you trust to help develop a long-term solution to your concern. At 1st Stryke, our pest control professionals work hard to get rid of your pest problem and make sure it doesn’t return. Rather than calling an exterminator, call our pest control professionals at 1st Stryke today at (877) 787-9531.