What Crickets Are in Southern California

Across the globe, there are around 900 different species of crickets. In the country, there are nearly one hundred. Here in Southern California, the most common crickets we encounter are the house, field, or camel crickets.

House Crickets

House crickets are one of the predominant species of crickets found throughout southern California. These crickets can easily be identified by the three dark bands on their heads. They have wings and are yellowish-brownish in color. They range from ¾ to ⅞ inches long.

Field Crickets

Another common cricket found throughout southern California is the field cricket. As their name would suggest, these crickets are often found around stones or other moist places like mulch out in fields. Field crickets are typically black and are ½ to 1⅛ inches long. 

Camel Crickets

Camel crickets are commonly found throughout southern California and can be recognized by their rounded backs. Unlike other species of crickets, these do not have wings. Camel crickets are brown and typically ½ to 1¼ inches long.

Crickets vs. Grasshoppers

Many people often confuse crickets and grasshoppers as they have similar features. However, you can easily identify between the two by taking a closer look at their wings. Grasshopper wings are typically positioned in a tent manner, while crickets keep their wings folded close to their bodies.

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