What Are The Surefire Signs of A Raccoon In the Home?

The Southern California area is home to many home-invading animals, and the raccoon is definitely one of them. Raccoons are squirrely, agile animals; they’re commonly found in urban areas, and when they need a place to nest, they will break into a house. 

Raccoons are not an animal you want in the home. They often carry rabies, which is incredibly harmful to the health of you and your loved ones. And they can wreak havoc to your furniture and appliances. 

Do you believe that a raccoon has infiltrated your home? Run through these list of signs to confirm.

A strong odor of feces or urine

A raccoon that has made your home its den will accumulate waste. The smell of the waste will be strong and undeniable. You will want to avoid the waste, as it’s rife with dangerous diseases.

Sudden, unusual noises in the attic, crawlspace, walls, or basement 

This is a clear sign of a raccoon scurrying throughout the home. It’s important to know that a raccoon will move similarly to a rat— quick, audible movements that are often accompanied with screeching noises are common.

Random damage throughout the home. 

Raccoons are small and agile, and are capable of squeezing through holes that are 4-inches wide and larger, can easily enter attics and crawlspaces, get behind walls, and wreak absolute havoc in the home. They have sharp teeth and claws, and they often chew through drywall, wood, furniture, and more. If you notice parts of your home is damaged, it can be a sign of a raccoon.

If a raccoon has broken into your home, you need a Torrance, CA pest control company to trap the animal and remove it. Contact 1st Stryke to quickly and safely take care of your raccoon problem.