What Are The Signs of A Wasps Nest?

As the summer season approaches, insects like the wasp make their presence known. A wasp infestation is dangerous and can definitely jeopardize your summer festivities, so a wasp’s nest is something you should be aware of. But you may be wondering what you should be on the lookout for.

Well, 1st Stryke has a list of telltale wasps nests signs you need to be aware of for the spring and summer seasons.

Swarming Insects. If you see a sharp increase in wasps in or around your home, chances are good there’s a nest somewhere nearby. Wasps will travel to and from their nest throughout the day (they will always return to the nest to tend to their young and feed their queen), so you can likely find the nest’s location by paying attention to the wasps’ flight paths.

Wasp Markings. Wasps are known to leave markings or scratches on wooden furniture. If these markings are fresh, they’ll appear as thin white lines on the surface of the wooden object. If you notice some these markings, it could indicate you have a wasps problem.

Buzzing Noises. Sometimes a wasps nest will be out of plain sight (often in the roof or within the the walls), so you’ll need to rely on your hearing to know if there’s a wasp issue. A constant buzzing noise is indicative of a nearby wasps nest. Try to place the location of the sound as you hear.

If you notice these signs, call 1st Stryke to inspect the home and eliminate the nest. Contact us today to learn how we can help.