Types Of Ants Commonly Found in Southern California

There are over 200 types of ants that are found in Southern California. With so many different ant types, it can be hard to accurately identify the ones that enter the home. 

At 1st Stryke, we have seen certain species repeatedly, and we know exactly how to identify them.

Here’s a list of the common ants you’ll find within SoCal. 

Carpenter Ant. This ant species is called the “carpenter ant” due to the way they excavate the wood and form smooth tunnels from it. In a carpenter ant infestation, the main sign will be a small opening in the surface of wood with fine piles of sawdust debris below the opening. The carpenter ant is notorious for their large bodies. 

Argentine Ant. The Argentine ant is arguably the most common household ant you’ll find in this geographic area. It aggressively invades the home and it breeds rapidly. And because of their rapidly multiplying colonies, an infestation of Argentine ants are notoriously hard to eliminate. 

Thief Ant. These ants are a brownish-yellow color. They are called the “thief” ant because of the larvae they steal from other ant species. They’re particularly attracted to greasy foods and are known to be able to infiltrate food packages that other ants cannot. 

Are you dealing with an infestation of ants in your Southern California home? 1st Stryke can quickly find the root of the problem, and exterminate these unwanted insects from your home. Contact us today to learn more.