Tips on Keeping Rats Out the House

It’s hard to keep peace of mind when there are rats in the home. Once rodents are in your house, they definitely stick around, and they multiply in numbers. This, of course, makes it all the more difficult to get rid of them. 

The best cure is prevention. Even if a few rodents are in the home, there are things you can do to prevent an incoming infestation. Follow these tips to keep your home free and clear of disgusting rats and mice.

Keep the home clean. This is the main thing you should focus on. Sweep and mop the floors. Do the dishes. Take out the garbage. Rats usually make their homes in places where food is easily accessible. By keeping the home clean, you can restrict access to their food source, making it unlikely for them to nest and reproduce within the home. 

Plug any openings. Rats can sneakily fit through tight holes and crevices. To prevent them from entering the home, plug holes in your walls, doors, etc. If the entry point is the size of a quarter, the rodent won’t have any trouble fitting through. 

Pay attention to rat activity in the area. Do you see rats in your neighborhood? Have you heard your neighbors mention rat activity? If so, you need to be vigilant about rodents entering your home. Make sure you keep things clean and plug any possible entry points.

If you are dealing with a rat problem, don’t hesitate to hire help. 1st Stryke can quickly exterminate any rodents from the home. Contact us today to learn more.