Tips for Winter Pest Control

As we progress through the fall season, it’s time to start preparing your home for the winter season. Pests and insects can still be quite aggressive in the colder months, so you should do everything necessary to keep them out of the home. As a pest and rodent extermination company in Torrance, CA, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you for the fall and winter. 

Put food away and keep things clean. Rodents like mice and rats are still active during the winter, so it’s crucial you focus on your home’s cleanliness and sanitation. Be sure to put food away, wash the dishes, sweep and mop the floors, and stop garbage from accumulating in the home. Mice and rats are pesky pests, so you need to take precautionary measures. 

Pest proof the home. Rodents and insects can infiltrate your home through the tiniest of spaces. While it would be nearly impossible to eliminate every crack and gap in the home, you can definitely take care of the obvious ones. Eliminate holes in your walls, repair any tears in your screen windows, and make sure your home is free of trash and standing water.

Call a qualified pest and rodent extermination company in Torrance, CA. Insects and rodents are no fun to deal with, and even if you’ve exhausted every tip in this post, there’s still the possibility of your pest problem persisting. Instead, call a qualified pest control company like 1st Stryke to analyze the situation, remove rodents and insects, and ensure your home is protected against pests this winter season.