Tips for Bringing Home Bed Bugs From Vacation

Vacation season is among us, which means you are likely itching to plan your next getaway. But, don’t forget that anytime you travel, you always want to be wary of the possibility of bed bugs and avoid bringing them home with you at all costs. 

Unfortunately for travelers, hotels can quickly be breeding grounds for bed bug infestations. To top things off, should you encounter bed bugs on your vacation, you’ll also have to worry about them catching a ride home with you on your luggage or clothing.

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But, to avoid the threat of bed bug infestations at home in the first place, here are a few tips for bringing home bed bugs from vacation and how to prevent this problem.

Avoid Bringing Home Bed Bugs

There’s only so much you can do from your end as a traveler regarding exposing yourself to bed bugs. But, thankfully, there are a few tips you can follow to avoid bringing home bed bugs from your travels. Here’s how.

Always Inspect Your Room

One of the first habits you should get into when traveling is conducting a thorough inspection of your hotel room. Before you begin unpacking your bags, make sure you take a look around the bed and any other upholstered furniture in the room. Any signs of dark or rust-colored stains might be a sign of the bugs. In bad infestations, white eggs or shells from the bugs will be visible.

Take a Close Look at the Headboard

Even if the headboard is wooden, you’ll want to take extra time to inspect this area. Bed bugs are known for thriving in fabric materials but are fully capable of making homes of wooden or other types of headboards as well. 

Know What You’re Looking For

You’re on the hunt for bed bugs, but you need to know exactly what they look like. Be able to identify infantile bugs and even eggs. Adult bed bugs are known for their reddish-brown color, but the younger ones can be a creamier white color.

Keep Your Luggage off the Ground

You can use luggage props or anything of the sort, but keep your luggage off the ground. If you’re concerned with the possibility of bed bugs catching a ride home with you, the safest place to store your luggage is in the bathtub.

Once You Arrive Back Home

As soon as you get home, unpack your belongings and throw everything into the high heat dryer for at least 30 minutes. Wash cycles don’t always have high enough heat to kill bed bugs but rest assured your drier should.

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