The Top Insects To Watch Out For This Summer

No one likes the thought of insects swarming their home. But with the change of seasons, it can almost be inevitable that you’ll have some rise in insects. That said, there are certain insects you should absolutely avoid to ensure the health of you and your family. We’re going to list them in today’s blog post. 

  1. Mosquitos 

If there was one insect that’s universally hated worldwide, the mosquito would likely be extremely high. Their bite is very pestering, but that’s not the big concern: Mosquitos can potentially carry harmful viruses. 

How to prepare against them: Eliminate excess moisture from the home. Mosquitos use water as a breeding ground, so by eliminating stagnant water, you remove their opportunity to breed. 

  1. Ticks 

The amount of ticks in California has been rising ominously over the years, and they’re definitely an insect to be on the lookout for. They’re small insects that latch onto your skin and suck blood from it. Their bite doesn’t hurt, but they can transmit Lyme disease, making them very dangerous. 

How to prepare against them: You’re more likely to see ticks if you live in a forested area. Be sure to use a repellent that contains DEET of at least 20% or more. Though it may be tough to do in the summertime, it would be wise to wear long sleeves and pants if your area is known to have them. 

  1. Wasps 

The sting of a wasp can be especially painful, and you can develop an allergic reaction if you receive multiple stings. 

How to prepare against them: Don’t attempt to swat the wasp as it passes you. This will only rouse it, making it more likely to sting you. Instead, just stay calm and let them pass. 

A wasp infestation is a common problem, so you should be on the lookout for a wasp nest in the home. 

These pesky insects can wreak havoc in the summertime. Avoid dealing with them by hiring a professional pest control company in Torrance, CA. Contact 1st Stryke today.