The Diseases that Rats Carry

The very thought of rats scurrying in your home likely makes you squirm. Rats are loaded with dangerous diseases, giving you an increased chance of infection and ill health. Whether it’s from a rat bite or scratch, or it’s transmitted from the rates urine or fecal matter, you need to be careful if there are rodents in the home. Let’s look at a few of the diseases that rats carry. 

Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. This is a serious, sometimes fatal, disease that’s transmitted by directly touching a rate, inhaling the dust from rat waste matter, or due to a rat’s bite. Symptoms include severe fever, muscle ache, fatigue, and problems breathing. Many of these symptoms can be mistaken for the flu, but unlike the flu, treatment options are limited. 

Leptospirosis. This is caused by the transmission of bacteria from rodents. If you eat food or drink liquids that are contaminated with urine from rodents, you can risk contracting this disease. Mild cases of this disease can cause flu-like symptoms, but more severe cases can cause kidney and liver failure. 

Rat Bite Fever. Contracted from the bite of a rodent, rat-bite fever can yield harsh symptoms for those who suffer from it. These symptoms include fever, vomiting, muscle ache, organ infection, and eventually organ failure if left untreated. 

These diseases are serious, and if you have rodents in your home, you’re at risk of catching these conditions. Handle this by contacting 1st Stryke to remove rats and mice from the home.