Signs Your Tenants Have Roaches

One of the worst nightmares for a landlord is finding their property infested with pests, and there are few pests more revolting than cockroaches. If you own a property and are renting it out to tenants you are definitely vulnerable to the risk of them neglecting your property to the point that a cockroach infestation builds up. Roaches breed rampantly, and they can be hard to eliminate, so if you want to know the major signs that your tenants have roaches in the property, continue reading below. 

Are there roaches in the major hiding places? Roaches are notorious for hiding in spots like behind the fridge or oven, inside cabinets (especially if there’s food within), near water pipes, around hot water heaters, and within cracks. If you visit the property and notice any roaches in these spots, this is a surefire sign of a major roach problem that’s not being addressed. 

Do you see droppings? Remember those hiding spots we listed above? If you see droppings in those areas, there is likely a growing roach infestation. Really, if you see droppings anywhere, it’s a problem. Roach droppings can look like pepper-like specks (indicating that the common German cockroach species is on the property), or they can be a big as a grain of rice (which means a larger roach species is on the property). 

Do you smell a musky odor? While one cockroach won’t bring a noticeable odor to the property, an infestation likely will. This odor is typically musky, and if you enter the property and notice this scent, scan your eyes throughout the property for roach sightings.