Signs You Have Cockroaches

The American cockroach is common in Southern California homes. They are easily recognizable by their reddish-brown body with yellowish edges found just behind the head. Not only are these pests a pain to deal with, but they can carry bacteria and unpleasant odors into your home.

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To help figure out if you’ve got an infestation on your hands, here are four signs of cockroaches in your home.

4 Signs of Cockroaches in Your Home

Cockroaches can carry bacteria and can also be highly problematic for anyone with asthma.  Living with these pests in your home can be stressful and cause health concerns. Here are four signs you might have cockroaches in your home.

Seeing a Cockroach

One of the most apparent signs of cockroaches in your home is seeing the insects. Since the pests are nocturnal by nature, it’s more likely that you’ll see them at night or in the early morning rather than during the daytime. That being said, if you do see roaches in your home during the day, it is likely an indication of a bigger problem.

Smelling a Cockroach

It’s not widely known, but cockroaches emit a smell. Unfortunately, if you’re noticing a musty odor that can be linked to cockroaches, it means that there are large numbers of insects in your home. The smell can be so severe that it can even impact the taste of certain foods you eat.

Finding Cockroach Feces

Cockroaches will leave their droppings behind in your home, which is one reason why an infestation can become a health hazard to your family. The insects are known for eating anything, even garbage, so it’s not surprising to find their feces behind in areas where they might be hanging out in your home.

Spotting Cockroach Eggs

A cockroach infestation can quickly get out of hand because of the rapid rate in which they reproduce. Females can lay anywhere from 120 to 320 eggs in their lifetimes. When laying eggs, the females will lay an ootheca which contains multiple eggs. Each ootheca can hold anywhere up to 20 eggs.

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