Rodents Invading your Home During the Winter

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Rodents.Tiny little creatures that never seem to stay out of our business. When the winter comes, and the temperature reduces, these rodents come out to seek warmth in people’s homes. Just as we try to find warmth during such periods, these little creatures hide in nooks and crannies to do so, too. 

People know that cool seasons bring relief to certain flying pests like mosquitoes and wasps, but it also brings its problems. Homeowners should protect themselves and their families from these rodents by taking necessary precautions. 

The problem isn’t the fact that these rodents are hiding in your homes for shelter and being a nuisance. They are vectors of different diseases and could exacerbate allergies, asthma, and introduce other conditions into your home. They can also chew wood and electrical wiring, making it super easy for fires and explosions to occur. 

With that being said, how do you keep these rodents from your home? Let’s find out. 

Steps to prevent rodent invasion during winter

Preventing rodent invasion can be very stressful because rodents are a handful. It’s better to hire a professional company to help you to take care of the problem. 

But if you insist, here are some ways to prevent rodent invasion.

 Cover all entry points

This is the first and most crucial step to take if you want to prevent rodents from entering your home. Tightly seal any place they can use to gain access. Seal it even if it’s a tiny hole. Rodents are very skilled at passing through small holes. 

How would you know if a hole needs to be sealed? Simple. The rule is that any spot that is or more than ¼ inch should be sealed. Also, don’t just focus on the doors. Look at the window screens for any possible tear. Seal any cracks on the wall or foundation immediately. You can use mesh on the foundation for enhanced effects. 

Look at the spots pipes use to enter your home. Fill the gaps with caulk and mesh if there are. Then, if your home has a chimney, do well to seal it. Height isn’t a barrier for these creatures. 

Properly store your goodies

Aside from searching for warmth, these rodents actively search for food. Please don’t provide a feast for them by leaving your countertops and kitchen surfaces littered with food and residue. Look out for crumbs under the fridge, countertop, and certain appliances. 

Furthermore, make sure that your food is stored in air-tight containers to avoid easy entry. If you have pets (especially dogs and cats), don’t leave their food exposed. That can be an excellent attractant. A lot of pet owners overlook this. Seal their food just the way you seal yours. 

Declutter your house

Your house can’t be a mess and be free from rodents. It’s almost impossible. This is because most rodents thrive in cluttered areas. They are very convenient hiding spots, especially in places that are not used actively, such as the basement, garages, attics, etc. 

When these places are clean, it’s less tempting for these rodents to hide there. Start by removing old junk and newspapers. Leave little to no room for rodents to hide. 

Use a brush strip

Using a brush or sweep strip on your exterior doors is an excellent way to block rodents from entering your home. Small gaps or openings are prevalent with old doors. When you plug the small holes at the base, rodents won’t be able to go inside. 

It’s straightforward to install. You only need to look for ones with adhesive strips instead of screws. This will also help you to trap heat inside during the winter season. However, you should get a professional company to help you with this. 

Raise your firewoods

Do you often burn wood to keep your home warm during the winter season? If yes, then you need to store lumber in your home. Unfortunately, this is the perfect place for rodents to hide. To prevent this, raise the wood at least 18 inches off the ground. This way, you eliminate the environment that allows rodents to thrive. 

Furthermore, keep these woods away from your house.

Why go through the stress?

Why do it yourself when you can hire a professional company to do it for you At 1st Stryke Pest and Termite, you’ll get the best services possible. With years of experience under their belt, We will help you to seal holes, install brush strips, and put other measures in place to ensure that your home is rodent-free.