Rodent Pest Control Huntington Beach

Are you looking to get rid of rodents in your commercial or residential space? Not to worry, 1st Stryke is the best rodent removal Huntington Beach has to offer.

At 1st Stryke, we offer services ranging from everything, including the extermination of rodents up to small animals. We are a family-owned business, proudly serving the Greater Orange County area with rodent removal and insect control. 

Because we want to cherish the community we serve, our technicians are environmentally aware. They are trained professionals experienced in handling various pest and rodent concerns.

Why Rodent Pest Control is Important

Rodents can be incredibly difficult to eradicate because they are one of the most versatile creatures on the planet. Unfortunately for home and business owners alike, they bring with them extensive harm to neighborhood gardens and plagued structures. In addition to structural damage, rodents are also known to bear numerous illnesses, posing a health threat to the humans around them. 

Rodent Pest Control Process

It is best to control rodents before an invasion because rat populations are notorious for growing relentlessly and at rapid rates. You can anticipate a thorough four-step process for rodent extermination anytime you call 1st Stryke for your rodent needs.

1st Step – Inspecting the Property

Because of their size, rats, mice, and other rodents are clever creatures that can quickly enter your home via openings as small as ¼” in diameter. Anytime a food source is identified, they become increasingly destructive to reach it. The softer structural materials of your home stand no chance against the chewing of rodents looking to create an entryway. 

Our trained rodent technicians come to your home to conduct a thorough inspection as the first step of the process. Looking thoroughly for any potential entry points, they will identify any infestations in your home. All corners of your home will be inspected through the process, including:

  • Interior
  • Rooftops
  • Garages
  • Underneath decks
  • Attics
  • Exterior perimeters
  • Crawl spaces
  • Basements

Then, your technician will draw up a complete report revealing their discoveries and provide you with an itemized estimate for possible resolutions. Together you will work with your technician to determine the best course of action for your rodent pest control.

2nd Step – Cleaning and Sanitizing

Based on the plan you decide on with your technician, we will then send our team to complete a thorough cleanup of your home. During the process, we are sure to simultaneously sanitize your home, which includes addressing possible burdensome problem areas such as:

  • Rodent waste
  • Electrical shorts or wiring concerns
  • Soiled or destroyed insulation
  • Ruined food items

Any signs of rodent infestation will be removed by eliminating any urine, feces, debris, or other rodent-contaminated materials during this process. 

Once the cleaning process has been completed, we will sanitize using a California state-approved sanitizing and deodorizing solution.

3rd Step – Excluding New Rodents

Next, our technicians will locate potential entry points around your house that might have caused the infestation and seal them off to prevent future issues. To rodent-proof your home, our professionally trained technicians use a variety of materials, including:

  • Metal flashing
  • Concrete
  • Galvanized steel screens

Minimize the threat of rodents returning to your home or other potential infestations in the future by eliminating entryway points.

4th Step – Trapping Existing Rodents

The final step includes our technicians baiting and trapping the mice or rats in and around your home. Our preferred method for rodent pest control is trapping versus poison for several reasons, but primarily due to safety concerns. 

Poison baiting might cause rodents to die in areas that can’t easily reach your home, including attics or within your walls. As you can imagine, not only will this cause an odor issue, but it can also create a health concern for your family.

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