Rats Want to Come Inside for the Winter. How to Keep Unwanted House Guests Out!

Winter is coming, and with it comes the natural migration of outdoor critters looking for somewhere to keep warm. Unfortunately for us, this often means that rodents seek shelter within our homes during the colder months.

Not surprisingly, rats want to come inside for the winter. Here’s how to keep unwanted house guests out! With the help of 1st Stryke, you can be one step ahead of rodents this winter. We want to help you by providing extensive rodent control services.

Removing Clutter

Ensure you don’t overlook less common areas like your attic, basement, and garage when decluttering your home. Rodents thrive in clutter around your house because it offers them so many different convenient hiding spots. 

Sealing Entry Points

Take the time to seal up any possible entry points in and around your home as one of the most effective ways to keep rodents out of your home. Rats and mice can easily squeeze into any opening larger than ¼” despite their size as full-grown adults.

Our certified technicians at 1st Stryke undergo rigorous training to identify potential entry points to your home in doubt. Some of the common entry points include:

  • Window screen tears
  • Cracks in walls
  • Piping gaps
  • Chimneys

Installing Brush Strips or Sweeps

Keep your warm air in and help keep rodents out of your home with brush strips or sweeps. There are adhesive strip backings available if you have concerns about the installation. Otherwise, let us help you rodent-proof your home for the winter months by calling our technicians at 1st Stryke today.

Keeping Firewood off the Ground

Keep firewood at least 18” off the ground, making it difficult for rodents to access since it is a popular nesting place. Store firewood as far away from your house, whenever possible.

Maintaining Your Landscaping

An often overlooked tactic to help keep rodents out is maintaining your landscape. Be sure to get leaves and other lawn debris cleaned up as quickly as possible.

Other landscaping techniques to help keep rodents at bay include:

  • Removing accumulations of leaves throughout your yard 
  • Cutting back overgrown vegetation
  • Trimming away extending branches that might come near your home

Storing Food Away

Another way to help prevent rodents from being attracted to your home is by keeping all of your countertops clear of any food remnants or residues. Here are more food storage tips:

  • Keeping an eye out for hard-to-reach places, like underneath large kitchen appliances
  • Making sure that all of your food items are properly sealed
  • Storing any pet food the same way you do your own

Call 1st Stryke Today!

Let us handle the rodent proofing in your home in time for this winter. Give the experts at 1st Stryke a call today at (877) 787-9531 for your complimentary quote on rodent control in your home.