Rat Pest Control Tips

Nobody likes even the mere thought of having rats in the home. They breed like crazy, and they carry dangerous diseases. Having a rat infestation in the home is a problem nobody wants to have, and if it’s something you’re dealing with currently, we understand how frustrating it can be. Follow the rat pest control tips in this post to get a better handle of the problem. 

Put your food away. Rats and mice will feed on just about any type of food you have in the home, so it’s really important that you diligently put your food away after you’re done eating. Don’t leave open food on the counter or on the stove. Put your food in a closed container and throw it in the fridge. If you have snacks, put them in a place that’s not easily accessible. 

Look for any cracks or holes in your home and seal them. Rats can fit some of the tightest of spaces, so you want to find any areas that a rat can squeeze through and seal them by caulking.