Raccoon Removal in Orange County

Raccoons live in the wild and pose no problem for human habitation. But when they decide to hang out at your place, there is a cause for concern. This is because raccoons may carry canine distemper, which is a viral disease that is common among mammals. The virus can be transmitted to unvaccinated dogs and sometimes, people. 

Don’t be deceived by their cute faces. Their feces may have baylisascaris procyonis eggs. It’s a kind of ringworm that is very dangerous to people, especially in Orange County. Contrary to what people think, it’s not easy to get rid of raccoons and their droppings. It’s better to employ the services of a raccoon removal company to relieve stress. 

But if you insist, here are some fail-proof tips that will help you to achieve your aim. 

How to eliminate raccoons from your homes

It’s difficult to get rid of raccoons because they are protected by law in most states. They are categorized as furbearers, so you need a license or permit before you hunt or trap them. So, killing a raccoon is different for each state and it’s best to let professionals handle it. 

In such cases, it’s better to prevent the problem than try to solve it. Raccoons are just like any other nuisance animal. It’s best to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. Your environment should be less friendly to them and you should have food sources that could attract them. 

Here are some ways of protecting your home from raccoons

  1. Cover pet foods properly. Don’t leave it outside. Only bring out food that you know your pet can finish at once. 
  2. If possible, keep pet feeders in enclosed spaces like your garage or barn. Your garbage can should be kept in a metal can and placed in an entry-way. Pass a rubber strap, soft wire, or rope through the lid and fix it to the can handles. To make it more solid, either use a rack to secure the cans straight or place the can one foot off the ground. 
  3. Your garden should be surrounded by electric fences consisting of two wires and fixed to electric posts. The first wire should be about four inches, while the second wire should be about eight inches off the ground. Make sure you install the fences before your vegetables ripen. 
  4. Cover all openings and holes raccoons could use to enter your home. They normally enter through openings in inactive spaces like your porch or attic. If you want to know what paths raccoons take in your home, spread grasses, twigs, or even flour on the floor and look for tracks. 

Note that all animals should have gone out of your home before sealing the entrances. If they don’t, they’d be trapped inside and cause more havoc. 

How to eliminate raccoon poop

A group of raccoons can pick one spot to defecate regularly. This is either referred to as a raccoon latrine or communal defecation area. This is a problem if that spot is in your compound because the roundworm eggs are contained in the poop. 

Note that the ringworm effects differ. It can range from no symptoms at all to very harmful symptoms that could affect the eyes and nervous system. This parasite can be gotten when people take in water or use soil that has been contaminated with the feces, or come directly in contact with it. 

Raccoon feces smell strongly. You can easily identify it because it’s very dark and looks like a tube. raccoons love choosing defecation spots in patios, garages, attics, or close to large wood piles or base of trees. 

What should you do about this?

  1. Don’t contaminate your hands and clothes. Use disposable gloves. Wear rubber boots that can be washed or wear your shoes and a disposable boot so that the eggs don’t follow you indoors. 
  2. Use a good respirator if you’re in a confined space, so that you don’t inhale or ingest eggs and other harmful materials.
  3. feces and other contaminated materials should be cleaned and removed with a shovel or plastic bag. It should then be bagged, buried, or burned appropriately. Treat the surfaces contaminated with the feces with a propane torch or boiling water. 

Why bother yourself?

Why do you have to stress yourself when you can get someone to do it for you in Orange County? 

The complexities associated with getting rid of raccoons are much. This is why professional raccoon removal companies like 1st Stryke Pest and Termite. We have acquired a license to legally remove raccoons from your area at affordable rates. 

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