Pest Problems in Fall

Unfortunately, for Southern California residents, pests can be a nuisance all year round. With fall among us now, it’s essential to be prepared for pest problems in fall.

Here are the five most common pest problems for this season.


While some argue that spider season runs all year round, in Southern California, you’ll start seeing these pests more than ever during the fall. Unfortunately, the cooler weather means they might start looking for a more habitable place to make webs, like your home.


Since we know that mice can squeeze into tiny areas, it should be no surprise that we start seeing more of these pests during the fall as they prepare for winter. As they look around for shelter, they are often carrying bacteria. Because of this, it’s essential to check all the sealing around your home.


Beetles stink bugs, ladybugs, etc., all start to come out in full force during the fall. Since they are eagerly looking for places to hang out over winter, they’ll begin finding their way in small crevices near the parameters of your home.


As temperatures begin dropping, pests start to look for warmer areas to be able to tolerate winter. Cockroaches seek moisture during the fall and move toward the home or other cluttered areas in your yard.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

Bees, wasps, and hornets make up the stinging pests. The fall months are the time of the year they become the most active, as they are readily preparing for the winter ahead. These pests take the summertime to grow their colonies and, in fall, come out in full force, collecting nutrients for the harsh winter.

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