If you just Can’t with Ants

If your house or property is plagued with ants because of something sweet you or your roommate left out then you probably went through the do it yourself methods of buying bug spray and trying to cover the spots you can see. If that didn't work out and an endless battle occurs that causes your kitchen to smell like raid, then it's probably time to call in some professionals. First Stryke Pest Control knows the ins and outs to ants, more specifically their breed, their ideal meals as well as the places they like to make their home. First Stryke...

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Large Animal Pest Control (Cats Included)

Have a cat under a house? Our solution without catching them, a one way door. A customer had a cat that was urinating under the house and the odor is profound throughout the residence. Once the cat is removed we will spray the crawl space with a product called BAC-A-zap to neutral the smell. Not your typical pest control but a service 1st Stryke Pest and Termite Control will be happy to provide.

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The Bugs that Lie in the Sheets – Solutions to Bed Bugs

  A lot of people are curious how bed bugs make it into their own mattress and couches. Well they don't usually come up from underneath your house, they are in fact a type of hitch hiker bug. They latch on and are transported by luggage, purses, shoes, clothing, and anything they can latch on to. These tiny little critters live on human blood to complete each stage of it's life, but can live up to 1 year without feeding. They can sense your blood through detecting the carbon dioxide in your respiration. This is why the majority of bites...

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