How to Stop Bees From Nesting

From mid-March to July, bee season is in full effect. During the summer months, bees are in search of nesting areas. They typically find them in structures, buildings, or objects where they can build hives. This can cause quite the scare if you ever find one in your home, so you’ll want to take some preventative measures to keep them from nesting.

Look for holes in your porch and within your walls. Holes that are at least a quarter of an inch or larger are what bees use as entry points for the nests. Spray the holes with insecticide. Whether you see bees inside the holes or not, it’s best to spray the holes to kill any chances of a bee nest forming. Plug those holes. Don’t leave the holes open for too long. Before you know it, bees can easily form a home, and it may become difficult to remove them. One of the easiest ways to plug the holes is to use putty. Putty is very easy to apply, and it’s readily available at most hardware stores.

If you’ve tried these tips and you notice that the nest is still developing, you’ll need professional help to remove it. Contact 1st Stryke today if you need pest control in Torrance, CA.