How to Know If You Have Rats

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The very thought of a rat in your home likely makes you squirm. We don’t blame you— those nasty creatures are the last thing you want to see within your doors.

One of the worst things about rats is how they can infiltrate and pretty much invade the home. They can easily enter the house, and once they begin reproducing, you can have an ugly infestation problem on your hands. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss how you can know, without a doubt, if you have any rats in your home.

Droppings. We consider rodent droppings to be the #1 indicator of a mouse or rat problem. Mouse droppings are a quarter inch in size and are pointed at both ends. Rats droppings are larger, as they’re usually half an inch or larger, and are dull at both ends.

Urine odor. The odor of a rodent has a distinct musk to it. It’s a smell that’s very noticeable, so if you smell it, begin inspecting the floors to see where the stench is coming from.

Noises. During the night pay attention to any abnormal noises. Rodents are nocturnal, and are known to make a ruckus during the nighttime hours. You may hear rustling, squealing, and knocking as the rodents move about.

If you see the signs of a rat, don’t hesitate to contact a professional to inspect the home. The more you wait, the more chances the rodents have to proliferate, and we’re sure you don’t want an infestation in your home. Contact us 1st Stryke today to inspect the home.