How to Know if You Have Bed Bugs in Your Home

Bed bugs are flat, oval insects known for being incredibly burdensome. Not only do they feed on human blood, which makes your skin crawl just thinking of these pests, but once they have infested your home, they can be challenging to get rid of.

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But, if you’re unsure whether you’ve got an infestation on your hands, here’s how to know if you have bed bugs in your home.

Signs of Bed Bugs at Home

Although bed bugs do not carry any diseases, they do not make them less of a pest to deal with. Living with bed bugs in your home can be stressful and annoying. Here are a few top signs you might have bed bugs in your home.

Waking up With Itchy Red Spots

The first place to check for signs of bed bugs is on your skin. Bed bug bites are small and red and are known for being itchy. Some people can have reactions to the bites, causing additional inflammation around the bite areas. Some people might not even experience any redness or itching at all, making it even harder to track down these pests in your home.

Your Bug Bites Form a Line

If you do notice red, itchy bumps in your skin, you’ll want to check for the notorious bed bug bite pattern. Bed bug bites tend to occur in a straight line across your skin, clearly distinguishing these bites from other more common bugs like mosquitoes or fleas.

Noticing a Musty Odor

Suddenly a musty odor may be present in your home that you can’t quite seem to track down the source. If this odor is coming from your bedroom, it could be a sign of a potential bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bugs are known for producing a large amount of pheromones, and the scent can be bothersome with enough bugs in one concentrated area of your home.

Finding Blood Stains on Your Sheets

Another tell-tale sign of possible bed bug infestation in your home is waking up finding your sheets peppered with bloodstains. Bed bugs can be squashed during natural movements throughout the night, causing the blood they have consumed to spot on your sheets, clothing, or skin.

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