How to Keep Your House Safe from Rats?

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Consider yourself lucky if your problems do not include a rat problem. But not all of us are fortunate enough to lead a life without any rat nuisance. Not only are they responsible for spreading 35 diseases around the world, but they can also damage your household items from chewing your cables to damaging your foods.

Warning: If you think of rats as pets other than pests, this article is not for you! If you don’t, you are in the right place.

Before we discuss how to prevent rodents from entering your property, you must know why it is important to keep them away.

How do Rats Pose a Huge Health Risk to your Family?

Rodents are more trouble than intruders looking for some food. They carry with them ticks and fleas that can cause serious health problems. In the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis, falling sick because you opened doors to these helpless rodents.

If left unattended, they will quickly get used to this welcome and take advantage of your weaknesses. Eventually, it may get hard to get rid of them once they know every hiding place and your food stashes. In such cases, you can only call for professional help.

Ways to Keep your House Safe from Rats and Mice.

Let’s discuss common places rats take shelter or things it can destroy and ways to prevent them.

1# Check your Attic

Roof rats are serious trouble for your insulations. Catch them before there comes a point where you need to reinsulate. Instead of spending money on repairs, set traps and seal holes that may be entry points for these pesky rodents.

2# Rat Proof your Appliances and Automobiles

Rats like to chew on cables be it your washing machine or automobiles. They can only be identified after the deed is done. Most case scenarios will be leading to fire. Proofing your household equipment with nets will be the best investment whether you are having a rodent problem or not.

3# Clean and Sanitize

It is very unlikely to see rats roam your territory in daylight. You can only identify the problem if you notice droppings or urine in and around the house. Make sure you clean the mess with proper precautions in place as you may get exposed to infections.

4# Store Food in Sealed Containers

Not only do they eat your food, but they will also poison you if you take a bite from the same fruit or vegetables. All groceries should be safely put away in a pantry or fridge. Don’t leave fresh produce on counters exposed if you are dealing with an infestation.

5# Secure your Place

Cupboards, cabinets, bins, closets, or anything that is not properly secured will fall victim to the ravage of these night bandits. Precious or not, costly or cheap, important or waste, all look the same to them as they gnaw, urinate, and excrete all over your stuff. Secure all the places by fixing the loose lid or broken locks.

6# Trap Them

All precautionary measures will keep your household and your family safe. But it is not enough if you already have an ongoing infestation. Set traps and baits to get rid of the rats already in your house.

In case of serious trouble, call for professional help who will not only trap the existing rodents.

Hiring Professional Pest Controllers for your Rat Problem

If you have tried everything in the books, don’t just give up yet. You can get in touch with their technical team who will help you with a feasible plan to get rid of rats from your house. Here are some reasons to hire a trained professional:

  1. With the use of the right equipment and treatment, you can eliminate any infestations.
  2. Businesses seek experts before the situation gets out of their hands. So should you for your homes.
  3. Commercial pest controllers will be an effective choice as they provide you with concrete solutions
  4. Comparatively less expensive. Traps, safety net, baits offer a protection layer but do nothing to completely eradicate rats from your house.
  5. Quicker. You will not be wasting time browsing the internet/aisles for a solution or scrolling through the eCommerce sites for offers. Instead, compare services and prices.

Take up your phone and book an appointment with the best professional pest control, 1st Stryke pest and Termite Company. Not only the rats, but they can also cause any underlying infestations that arise from the common causes. Don’t follow the “wait and see” approach with rats, they are fast breeders. Be proactive when you identify when some rats lurking around your house. Even after hiring experts, continue to keep your house clean by following the tips.