How to Insect-Proof Your Home

If there is one thing that annoys just about everybody, it’s having too many insects in the home. If given the choice, nearly everyone would choose to have no insects enter the home. It offers more peace of mind, and you don’t need to worry about swatting bugs away as you relax in your home. 

There are a number of ways you can bug-proof your residence. While it’ll be tough to keep 100% of bugs out at all times, you can definitely do a few things to ensure your home stays mostly bug-free. 

  1. Screen the openings. 

Place screens on windows, doors and ventilation openings. You should install screens that are 20 mesh and finer. A screen will stop many pests in their tracks, but some insects (like leafhoppers) can still squeeze through the mesh. To stop those type of insects, you will need to make sure all doors and windows are fully closed. 

  1. Seal the doors 

The gap underneath the door is how many insects infiltrate the home. Make sure you have an aluminum threshold installed to close the gap. In some cases, there may be a small gap that persists, so it’ll be best to combine the threshold with a door sweeper. For garage doors, the gap can be closed with a rubber seal. 

  1. Find and fill the cracks 

Bugs and rodents are notorious for squeezing through incredibly tight spaces and entering the home. Cracks in the walls, windows, and doors are the culprit, so you should take time to critically examine the exterior of the home. Silicone or caulk can be used to plug small cracks. For larger gaps, you can consider using material that matches the structure, like wood, cement, etc. 

  1. Maintain your yard 

Insects like mosquitoes and flies congregate in unkempt yards. Many insects breed in water, so you should remove any pooled, uncovered water from the yard. Be sure to dispose of any garbage as well. 

  1. Put away your food and drinks 

Insects, like other living creatures on Earth, need some form of food to survive. Open food inside the home is basically an invitation for an insect, and you can be sure that more of that insect’s breed will be coming along with it. Keep the home clean, put leftover food in the fridge, take out the garbage, and you’ll make living conditions tough for insects.

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