How To Get Rid Of Roaches In Your Apartment Building

If you own an apartment building, a roach infestation can plummet your rent value and deter potential tenants. Eliminating the roach infestation is likely at the top of your responsibilities. In today’s post, we’re going to discuss how you can keep your apartment building roach-free. 

Make sure it’s clean. Remove garbage off the premises. Make sure there’s no food left out anywhere. Roaches have voracious appetites and are known to eat virtually anything. If your building has a roach infestation, you’ll likely need to tell your tenants to be careful with their garbage and to keep their apartments as clean as possible. 

Treat the doors, windows, and other entry points around the home with caulk. Sealing these openings will be one of the best ways to keep roaches out of your apartment building. 

Hire a pest control company to fully take care of the problem. If the roach infestation is throughout the entire building, you may need a professional to go through the building and exterminate. 1st Stryke Pest Control can inspect every area of your building and enter all the apartments. This is the best way to handle the roach infestation for good. Contact 1st Stryke today to schedule our extermination team.