How to Get Rid of Rats

The mere thought of a rat infestation in your home likely makes you squirm. Rats are pesky, downright disgusting creatures. They breed like crazy, so if you see one in your home, you need to act quickly before the problem becomes too much to handle. 

In today’s post, we’re going to discuss some actions you should take to get rid of your home’s rat problem.

Keep things clean. The goal is to get rid of everything rats need to survive (i.e. food). To do this, your sanitation must be thorough. After you cook, seal your leftovers in containers and put them in the fridge. Do the dishes, clean your counter tops and tables, sweep and mop the floors, and take out the garbage. Make sure to remove paper and clutter, as that’s what rats often use to build their nests. 

Set traps. If you’re going the DIY rat removal route, we recommend going for traps. They’re safer to have in the home than poisons, and they work pretty well if positioned strategically. You can opt for a snap trap, which is a wooden, metal, or plastic trap with a rapid snap hinge to kill rodents quickly. Alternatively, you can go for a glue trap—  a flat trap with an adhesive on which rats get stuck. Either of these are good options, just make sure they’re positioned in places within the home that you know rats have passed through. 

Hire help. Rat infestations are incredibly hard to get rid of. Consider hiring a Southern Californian pest control company like 1st Stryke to handle the problem for you.