How to Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nasty, persistent little creatures that no one wants in their home. They feed on human blood, and typically live around beds. A bed bug infestation can easily go unnoticed until you start seeing bite marks on your skin.

Bed bugs hide in furniture, behind wallpaper and pictures on the wall. They typically don’t appear until nighttime. They can be extremely hard to find and eliminate from the home. If you choose to handle your bed bug problem without professional help, it can be an uphill battle. You will need to thoroughly inspect your bedding (including sheets, comforters, etc.), look for linings in the mattress. Vacuum your bed and other bedroom furniture.

Next, you’ll need to aggressively wash your bedding, mattress, and other infested areas. Bed bugs can hide in crevices, so you’ll need to thoroughly check your bedroom furniture. Empty out your dresser and turn it over to to see if the bugs are hiding there. You may need to check bed frame and dismantle it.Caulk and seal any cracks in your walls.

Doing this may yield some good results, but it may not work in the long term. Bed bugs are persistent, and they can be very hard to find and remove. The worst thing is to do all that work and still wake up to a body full of bite marks.

Instead of doing it yourself, hire a pro to exterminate these insects. Contact 1st Stryke to quickly handle your bed bug problem.