How to Eliminate Rats and Mice with Traps

Rodents are nasty creatures that sneakily enter the home through the tiniest of cracks and crevices. They breed like crazy, and can lead to a massive infestation if left unchecked. As a Torrance pest control company, we have a few tips to stop a rodent infestation in its tracks. 

Focus on sanitation. Rodents can smell food, which is bad news if you leave your food out overnight, or you don’t take care of the garbage. To prevent rats and mice from feasting on your leftovers, simply make sure you put your food in sealed containers, clean up any crumbs on your floor and kitchen counters, and take out the garbage whenever it’s full. Starving the rats will help to drive them out. 

Lay traps strategically. You can place baited and unbaited traps in certain places of the home. Ideally, you’ll place the traps close to where the rodents are nesting, traveling, and feeding.

Schedule a rodent extermination company in Torrance, CA to eliminate the problem. Are you struggling with a rodent manifestation? It can get worse if you don’t take the proper measures to act against it, so we recommend hiring a company like 1st Stryke to take care of the problem for you. We’re a Southern California pest control company that can quickly and thoroughly eliminate your rodent issues. Contact us today to learn more.