How to Deal with Cockroaches in Winter?

If you are planning to get your cocoa cup and blankets out, don’t be surprised to find some uninvited cold-blooded guests surfing for food in your cupboards. Even before the snow touches the ground, cockroaches would have crawled into every nook and corner of your house. Unless you are team roaches, you need to start thinking about roach-proofing your house.

Know Your Cockroaches!

Cockroaches cannot thrive in extreme weather conditions, be it hot or cold. Long exposure can kill them but not all of them. Some species hibernate or die while smart ones like German cockroaches can hide in your cozy home instead of fighting for survival. Most adults seek warmth and dark spaces with immediate access to food and water.

The other two common species to worry about are American and Oriental. American species love the outdoors and the smell of dying wood and leaves. While Oriental, yes the hard ones, love water. They swap near sewage and leaky pipelines, breeding and infesting your house. Don’t be fooled as they can wander your hallways in search of food or private spots.

You get the idea right?

The messier, the better for them to make your home pest-friendly. If you and cockroaches don’t meet eye-to-eye, it is about time to lay down some ground rules.

Ground Rules to Prevent Cockroaches in Winter

Rule #1 Seal the Deal

Take out your spy glasses and caulk out all the cracks, holes, and entry points. Seal off any places that are inviting pests for a nice winter stay.

Rule #2 Vacuum the Breadcrumbs

If you have the habit of eating away from the counter, then, there is a good chance you left a trail with each bite. Vacuuming will ensure no food scraps left for scavengers.

Rule #3 Recycle Bin

Many of us who are hardcore recyclers keep away stuff for the DIY projects and those projects are never happening. Either donate, recycle, or dump it in the recycle bin. Remove any clutter that might become a breeding ground for the cockroaches over the winter.

Rule #4 Take out the Trash

Don’t leave your garbage lying around simply because it is your turn to take out the trash. Trust me, garbage is like a restaurant to cockroaches. They eat in or take out because your home is their home.

Rule #5 Clean after your Pets

Leaving food or water for pets overnight. If they are done, clean after them. Wipe their mouths if it suits. Unless it is necessary, don’t leave food out.

Rule #6 Fix the Leaks

Not only does it save water or your bills, but it also keeps the damp out of your house. Leaks that are hard to find is where cockroaches will be camping for the winter (or summer in this matter). Ensure every leak is sealed or attended to.

Rule #7 Wash the Dishes

Do the dishes right after every meal. The benefits of washing your dishes after every meal will feel tedious, but it can keep pest infestation at bay.

Rule #8 Store all Foods in a Clean and Dry Place

Keep your pantry, cupboards, and fridge organized and clean. This is the rule of thumb to ensure you are not exposed to any flu that cockroaches may carry.

Rule #9 Dust off Before Decorating

If your house has a yard with fall leaves, all forgotten attic, or garage with decorations. It will be no surprise if you have to shoo away some roaches who just moved in. They need not be squeaky clean but well maintained is all you need. If you are planning holidays away from your place, a small apartment or a big house, you will not like the idea of starting your new year dealing with infestations.

If all of this takes the fun out of your winter and holidays, it’s time to call in the big guns. That is why we saved it for the last.

Rule #10 Call the Cavalry

If it is too late or too much to take the precautionary measures, there is only one way to deal with cockroaches in winter is to hand it back to the experts! Professional pest controllers will not clear out the bugs but help you seal all the cracks that you never knew off. With the right targeted treatments and equipment, it is never too late for the pros.

Hiring a professional pest company like 1st Stryke Pest and will be a viable option. They will offer you the right solutions to deal with cockroaches and prevent them from camping in your home in winters. With their expertise, you can secure the whole property within a short duration. Professional pest control services are worth your time and money.

If you badly wanted to do-it-yourself, better luck next year. Start early because Prevention is better than infestation!