How to Check for Bedbugs on Vacation

You’ve checked into your hotel, ready for a fun, relaxing vacay. You hop into bed, blast the A.C, and fall asleep. You awake to a horror: your body covered in nasty bed bug bites. 

This is every vacationer’s nightmare: their bed crawling with unseen creatures that will feast on them as they sleep. Let’s look at a few ways you can check for bed bugs in your hotel bed. 

  1. Bring a small flashlight with you. This will help with inspecting the room for bed bugs, as the bugs will be hard to see without the help of extra light. 
  2. Begin inspecting the bed. Remove the bed sheets, mattress cover, and fully inspect the four corners of the mattress. Put the flashlight on the mattress seams, diligently look for any crawling bed bugs. Be sure to check the headboard and box spring. 
  3. Check the furniture. Inspect any chairs or couches in the room. Take your flashlight the drawers and closet and carefully look for any bed bugs. 

Aa bed bug infestation in a hotel room is a nasty surprise. Plus, they can hitchhike a ride home by latching onto your clothes and luggage. This is a common way for homes to be infiltrated by bed bugs. If you’ve noticed bed bugs in your home, contact 1st Stryke to remove these pesky insects. For more information visit our bed bugs webpage.