How to Check for Bed Bugs in Hotels

Checking into a hotel room? You need to be vigilant for nasty bed bugs. Hotels and motels are some of the most common places you’ll find these insects. Bed bugs are small and have a reddish-brown appearance. They’re typically nocturnal, and they’ll feed on your blood as you sleep, giving you an unwanted surprise when you wake in the morning. To make matter worse, bed bugs can hitch a ride with you back home by sneaking into your clothes and luggage. Read this post to learn how you can properly check for bed bugs in hotels and avoid this problem altogether. 

  1. Check the mattress. Pull back the sheets, expose the mattress, and check its seams. Adults and nymphs can be visible to the naked eye. Be on the lookout for exoskeletons that bed bugs leave behind when they molt, along with any brownish spots on the mattress. 
  2. Check the bedside cabinets. NIghtstands and bedside cabinets are another common place you’ll find bed bugs. Look inside the drawers, underneath and behind the cabinets, and around the lamp fixtures. 
  3. Check the closets and drawers. Inspect the closet, drawers, and other furniture. These areas are also where bed bugs can easily latch onto your clothes, so it’s important that you check before placing your luggage and your clothing in these areas. 

Whether you own a hotel and you need to eliminate your bed bug problem, or you simply have a bed bug infestation in your own home, contact 1st Stryke today to get the help you need.