How to Check For Bed Bugs in a Hotel

If you’re looking to travel soon, whether it be for work or pleasure, you always want to be wary of the possibility of bed bugs. Hotels and motels can unfortunately be breeding grounds for bed bug infestations as the small reddish-brown insects like to live cozily in beds. Worst of all, if one happens to catch a ride home with you on your luggage or clothing, you’re in for a rude awakening once it makes a nest in your own home.

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But, to help eliminate the threat of bed bug infestations at home, here’s a few tips on how to check for bed bugs in a hotel for the next time you travel.

Bed Bug Tips for Travel

Rather than worrying about a bed bug problem once it enters your home, here are a few proactive tips to help you prevent the possibility of an infestation.

Use a Luggage Rack

Upon first entering a hotel room, utilize a luggage rack or place your luggage on the bathroom tile. These are safe storage places for your luggage while you do a thorough inspection of the room.

Check the Mattress

The first area you’ll want to check is the mattress. To check your mattress thoroughly, you’ll need to pull back the blankets and sheets to check the actual mattress and box springs for any signs of bugs. You’ll want to check for live bugs, visible to the naked eye, or any other signs of exoskeletons or dark colored spots.

Check the Furniture

After the mattress you should also consider checking any upholstered furniture. Check closely at any seams or around the head area of any furniture.

Keep Your Luggage Closed

Once you’ve ensured your room does not show any signs of bed bugs you will still want to be careful on how you stow your luggage. Always make sure it stays closed and either on a luggage rack or a hard surface.

When You Get Home

If you have any worries about possibly bringing any bed bugs home with you, you can throw all of your travel clothing into a hot dryer for 30 minutes. The heat of the dryer should be able to kill any hitchhikers.

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