Flying Ants or Termites?

Do you have small insects flying around inside or outside your home, making you wonder whether you have flying ants or termites? Thankfully, the experts at 1st Stryke are here to help you identify the source of your troubles to have a more targeted treatment approach.

Here at 1st Stryke, we offer services ranging from everything, including exterminating flying ants and termites. We proudly serve the Greater Orange County area with rodent removal and insect control and are a family-owned business. 

Flying Ants vs. Termites

Although very similar in appearance, Flying ants or termites are very different from one another. Often confused for one another, it’s essential to distinguish the difference between the two insects around your home to find a more appropriate treatment course. Here are a few ways you can tell the difference between flying ants and termites.


  • Flying ants: reddish, brown, or black
  • Termites: dark brown or black


  • Flying ants: thin-waist body, the body, appears segmented
  • Termites: broad-waist body, uniform in width along the length of the body


  • Flying ants: “elbowed” or bent
  • Termites: almost straight or completely straight

Life Cycle

  • Flying ants: egg, larva, pupa, and adult
  • Termites: egg, larvae, and adult


  • Flying ants: nectar (i.e., food debris, seeds, other insects)
  • Termites: cellulose, a nutrient-rich material in plants (i.e., paper or wood)


  • Flying ants: wood structures, wood, dirt, grass, shrubs, trees, etc.
  • Termites: wooden structures, wood debris, lumber, decaying trees, tree stumps

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