Flea Season Is Upon Us

Even if you don’t own any pets or routinely treat your pets for fleas and ticks according to your veterinarian, you may not be safe from a flea infestation. With or without pets, flea infestations can occur in any home.

Flea season is upon us. It’s time to learn more about these pests to minimize your chances of an infestation in your home this season.

What Are Fleas?

Most pet owners are familiar with fleas, as they are often a nuisance. Fleas are parasites known for flourishing in extremely warm weather.

Fleas hitch a ride to just about anywhere, including your home by jumping onto people, pets, clothing, and other belongings. 

Flea Bites

In addition to being a nuisance, fleas can cause multiple problems to pets and humans. Since they feed on blood, they can take a toll on their hosts, biting hundreds of times a day.

At best, flea bites cause red dots that are extremely itchy. In worst-case scenarios, flea bites cause severe allergic reactions.

Not only are flea bites annoying to deal with but they can also be the cause of the spread of numerous diseases. Fleas can also be intermediate hosts for tapeworms.

Flea Season

Fleas can be a year-round problem but have a tendency to prefer warmer weather. As a result, flea season comes with the warmer weather of summer.

Controlling Fleas in Your Home

Flea control on your pets is just the beginning of keeping your home flea-free. Keep in mind that only adult fleas live on pets. The other stages of the life cycle of a flea, including egg, larvae, or pupa stages, are developed elsewhere in or outside of your home.

Here are a few ways that humans and their pets can get fleas and bring them into their homes:

  • Contact with other animals that have fleas
  • Spending extended periods of time outdoors in thick vegetation or wooded area

The 1st Stryke Solution

1st Stryke is experienced in providing effective flea control in backyards and properties in and around the Greater Orange County area. Our professional technicians focus treatments on areas like tall grass, lawns, and shrubs, where fleas are most likely hiding. To find out more about our residential pest control options, call our pest control professionals at 1st Stryke today at (877) 787-9531.