Do I Have Flying Termites?

Flying termites account for an average of $5 billion of property damages each year, according to research. Since flying termites are prevalent in nearly every state, it’s no surprise that Southern California often falls victim to these pests.

How do you know if you have flying termites? The experts at 1st Stryke Pest are here to help you identify these pests.

Signs of Flying Termites

Before calling the experts in for a termite inspection there are a couple of signs to look out for.

Finding Droppings

You might have dry wood flying termites if you start seeing random piles of tiny wood pellets in or around your home that look like sawdust.

Some termites prefer to build nests in the wood of your home and hollow out areas within the wood but also create holes. They will specifically remove their excrement via these holes. Since their diet consists of wood, their excrement is primarily wood and often looks like small sawdust piles.

Noticing Swarms

Finding discarded wings near access points of your home is another key indicator to look out for when identifying flying termite swarms. Once termites land, they twist off their wings, knowing they will never need them again once they have found their new nesting grounds.

Best Pest Control in Southern California

1st Stryke provides the best termite inspection Southern California has to offer. Included in our services, we will closely monitor your home for any signs of termite activity and respond accordingly. We’ll send our 1st Stryke technicians to your home to spot treat for pests every two months.

Call Us Today!

If you think you may have a termite infestation, 1st Stryke is here to help. Remember that it’s always better to handle any pest concerns as quickly as possible to avoid an infestation problem, which can be much more challenging to treat.

At 1st Stryke Pest, we have over 60 cumulative years of experience in the pest control industry and can solve any issue you may have. We’re different from our competitors because of our personal touch. All of our technicians have been adequately trained in all fields of pest control. When we come out to assess your home, we educate you on your current issues and focus on prevention for future possible pest-related needs.

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