Different Types of Ants in Southern California

With over 12,000 different species of ants found worldwide, it can be confusing to identify which ants are invading your home or garden. Thankfully, of this diverse population, only around 700 species are found in the United States, 25 of which enter homes, and only about ten common to the Southern California region.

At 1st Stryke, we offer services that range from the extermination of pests, rodents, and small animals. We are a family-owned business serving the Greater Orange County area with ant control. Our technicians are environmentally aware and trained professionals in handling a wide range of pest and rodent concerns.

If you are looking for an ant exterminator for your residence or commercial space, 1st Stryke is the best pest control service Southern California has to offer. But first, let’s identify some of the different types of ants in Southern California to see which species are in or around your home to be able to specify a treatment plan.

Common Ants in Southern California

While there are tens of thousands of different ant species globally, thankfully, Southern California only sees about ten of those. Here is a breakdown of the different types of ants in Southern California, specifically along with some of their identifying characteristics:

  • Argentine ant: small, brown, non-stinging
  • Carpenter ant: large, non-stinging, biting, destructive
  • Harvester ant: medium, red-colored, stinging
  • Little black ant: tiny, dark brown or black, eat nearly everything
  • Odorous house ant: small, dark brown to black, non-stinging, odor when crushed
  • Pharaoh ant: small, yellowish to brown, stinging ant, predator to many insects
  • Red imported fire ant: medium, varying red to black, stinging, very aggressive
  • Southern fire ant: slightly smaller, reddish-brown or black, stinging
  • Thief ant: very small, pale brownish, host to disease and tapeworms
  • Velvety tree ant: larger, bite and inject poison into wounds

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Home

If you think that you might have an ant issue in or around your home, it is worth eliminating these pests as quickly as possible with the help of 1st Stryke. 

We have over 60 cumulative years of experience in the pest control industry and can solve any issue you may have. What makes us different from the competition is our personal touch. We are trained in all fields of pest control. When we come out to assess your home, we educate you on your current issues and focus on prevention for future possible pest-related needs.

Let the ant experts at 1st Stryke help you get rid of ants in or around your home. Give us a call today at (877) 787-9531 for your complimentary quote on pest control in your home.