Bird Mites

Bird mites, also sometimes referred to as chicken mites, are a pest that not many people are aware of. Regardless of their limited exposure, it does not stop them from being the nuisance that they are.

These pesky insects are tiny and live on the skin of different birds but can easily find their way into our homes and other structures due to their size. When bird mites get into homes and other areas populated by humans, it becomes a huge problem.

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But first, let’s identify some characteristics of bird mites in Southern California to see if this is the cause of your pest problem and to help specify a treatment plan.

What Are Bird Mites?

Birds and rats naturally have bird mites. While they are a pest, they are not parasitic to humans, meaning they do not feed off humans’ blood. Mites do need a host, which is why they are found on birds and sometimes rats.

It is easy to overlook bird mites because of their size. In their adult size, they measure at less than one millimeter long. If you can spot a bird mite, they are typically a white or gray color with eight legs. After feeding, they change color and look more red.

Where Do Bird Mites Come From?

Given the name, it’s easy to get an idea where bird mites come from. They originate from a variety of birds like pigeons, chickens, sparrows, and starlings. Bird mites live and feed on the blood of birds to complete their entire life cyle. 

Bird Mites and Humans

Although bird mites feed off birds they will still bite humans. Bites from these insects are similar to other insects or mights, in which you might develop small red bumps or a crawling sensation on your skin. Some have a allergic reactions to the bites and some don’t.Bites are found at the waist band, bra lines, and other warm moist areas like the armpits and groin.

Treating Bird Mites

Unfortunately, most companies won’t treat bird mights because it is an extensive process. You must seek out the nest, remove it or dust the nest if not removable. Next, you must fog the inside to knock down the population and treat exterior area were the nest originally was.

Common seasons for bird mites fall in two seasons: spring and beginning mid summer July-August.

Getting Rid of Bird Mites in Your Home

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