Bird Mites Pest Control

Also commonly referred to as chicken mites, bird mites are often pests that many people don’t consider when protecting their homes. Bird mites can be a bothersome pest to deal with, although these tiny insects are often overlooked.

So if you are in Orange County and are looking for bird mite pest control, check out 1st Styrke Pest today.

What Are Bird Mites?

Commonly found living on the skin of avian animals, including chickens, these tiny insects have been named bird mites. They are fully capable of making their way into our homes and causing problems even though a bird might be the original host of the pest.

It doesn’t mean bird mites aren’t still a pest for us to deal with, even though they do not rely on human blood for survival.

Bird Mites and Humans

Although bird mites cannot survive on human blood, they can still bite humans and cause minor complications. Thankfully, the bite of a bird mite is typically harmless. The primary source of further complications comes from a secondary bacterial infection due to skin breaking from constant itching.

Symptoms of a bird mite bite in a human are common to most other insect or mite bites and include:

  • Crawling sensation on the skin
  • Small red bumps
  • Itching (may be severe)

Preventing Bird Mite Infestations in Your Home

Avoid close contact with birds and nests to prevent a bird mite infestation in your home. Thankfully, the experts at 1st Stryke are here to help you safely remove any bird nests on or near your home.

Best Pest Control in Southern California

1st Stryke provides the best termite removal Orange County has to offer. We will closely monitor your home for any signs of activity and respond accordingly to our bird mite control. Additionally, we’ll send our 1st Stryke technicians to your home to spot treat pests every two months.

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