The Bugs that Lie in the Sheets – Solutions to Bed Bugs


A lot of people are curious how bed bugs make it into their own mattress and couches. Well they don’t usually come up from underneath your house, they are in fact a type of hitch hiker bug. They latch on and are transported by luggage, purses, shoes, clothing, and anything they can latch on to. These tiny little critters live on human blood to complete each stage of it’s life, but can live up to 1 year without feeding. They can sense your blood through detecting the carbon dioxide in your respiration. This is why the majority of bites will be near the neck, head, back, and arms. Thankfully if this happens to you there are solutions!
First of all, please consult a Pest Control Specialist when you’re ready to get rid of your bed bugs. A lot of the time the customer will end up spending more time and money trying to solve the problem their-self.
1st Stryke Termite and Pest Control can offer three solutions to bed bug problems. Information to each will be linked to our bed bug page so you can decide for yourself which option would be best.

Pesticide Application


Heat Treatment