Ant Home Remedy Myths

Ants are not wanted in your home, and when you see an infestation of ants, you’ll want to do everything you can to get rid of them. If you search online for home remedies, you’ll likely find many options, but many of them will be a complete waste of time. We’re going to dispel a few of those ant home remedy myths today. 

Myth: The scent of garlic, cinnamon, and pepper repel ants. 

While it’s true that ants are not fond of these scents, they won’t necessarily kill or even repel these insects. The scents of these ingredients temporarily hide the pheromone trail that ants use to navigate and communicate. These foods won’t do much, especially if you’re already dealing with an infestation. 

Myth: Vinegar and baking soda kill ants. 

These products only hide the pheromone trail, they won’t work to kill or repel ants.

Myth: A chalk line will repel ants 

You may have seen videos where a person draws a white chalk line and the ants do not cross that line. Ants may turn around when that line is drawn because the scent of the chalk masks the pheromone trail, but it’s only temporary. Eventually, the scent will weaken, and the ants will trot right past that line.

Hire a professional ant control company. If you’re dealing with ant colonies in Southern California, the smartest thing you can do to take care of the problem is hiring a pest control company like 1st Stryke. Contact us today and quickly eradicate the ant infestation.